2015 Scholarship Winner

“A person never truly dies until their spirit is completely forgotten and the last person who they’ve touched has perished. So long as we continue to keep the spirit alive, it continues to serve the world.” – Jarard Paige, J. Elliot Marketing

Serving the World by Paying It Forward
Captain Julia

In 2012, J. Elliot Marketing in partnership with Women in Aviation International (WAI) announced the $2,500 Christine Reed Memorial Flight Scholarship. Christine passed away before she was able to reach her dream of becoming a private pilot. So to keep her spirit alive, J. Elliot Marketing offered the scholarship to women ages 16-30 who had already soloed and were working towards their initial pilot certificate.

In January 2015, the third scholarship recipient was selected – Ms. Julia Hoylman (Randolph, NJ) – an aspiring professional pilot preparing to attend ATP Flight School. Take a moment to learn more about this inspiring young lady who has already made quite an impact on aviation in her community.


Julia, now that you’ve been awarded the scholarship, how might it help you to achieve your dreams?

To pursue my dream of flying professionally, I will be moving to Charlotte, NC in April of 2015 to attend ATP Flight School.  This scholarship will help alleviate the cost of my training expenses.

You have a quite a list of activities both in and out of school.  How do you seem to manage it all?

Throughout my teenage years, I’ve led a very active and “on-the-go” lifestyle and I enjoy things that fill my time, especially when they are aviation or community service related.  When I’m not attending school or flight training, I work as often as I can to finance my dream.  Trying to balance all of my activities has been a challenge at times, but I enjoy a fast paced lifestyle.  The key to managing it all for me is to write out my weekly and monthly goals and then prioritize to make sure I am successful in reaching them.

How has your blogging expanded your understanding of aviation (flying, career, opportunities, etc)?  What inspired you to begin blogging about aviation and your experiences?

I began writing my blog One Dream, Endless Destinations after I officially started flight training. I wanted a place to capture in my own words, the pursuit to becoming a pilot chronicling the obstacles I have faced and how I have overcome them. My writing has also given me a chance to reach out and connect with other pilots to share stories, ideas, and support when it comes to flight training and pursuing our passions.

What’s the most exciting life moment you’ve experienced that strongly impacted your interest in aviation?

My senior year of high school, I was very fortunate for the opportunity to work as an airport management/operations intern at Morristown Municipal Airport (KMMU).  During my internship, we were in the process of preparing for the private and corporate air traffic flying in for Super Bowl XLVIII.  I was given the responsibility of assisting with the reservations and got to learn hands-on about the extensive planning that was involved for this event.  During Super Bowl Weekend, I also had the chance to tour Teterboro Airport (KTEB) with their operations department and experience Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City.  Not only was my internship able to broaden my understanding of aviation, but also it strongly impacted my decision to pursue a career in the industry.

What has been the most challenging part of your flight training?

Honestly, training as a whole has been challenging, but that’s what makes it so incredibly rewarding.  Along the way, I’ve faced quite a few setbacks, but you have to remember to enjoy the journey.

What has been the most thrilling aspect of your flight training?

Aside from my first solo and solo cross countries, I would have to say that flying the Hudson Corridor around the New York City skyline would be one of the most thrilling experiences in my training so far. The skyline route will take you within a few thousand feet of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Towers, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bride, and Central Park.  It’s challenging to fly due to the complex airspace around it, but the views are breathtaking.

Given that you intend to pursue professional flight training at ATP, it appears you wish to make aviation your career. What aspects of aviation interest you the most and why?

What I find most fascinating about aviation is its ability to connect the world.  Aviation gives me the perfect avenue for exploration and adventure, which originally inspired me to pursue career in the cockpit.

In the next decade, I am eagerly looking forward to beginning my career as professional pilot! After gaining experience as a flight instructor and most likely regional pilot, I would love the opportunity to work alongside my mentor Dan Schessler, a corporate pilot and captain. He has been one of the most positive influences throughout my flight training. Without his support and guidance, I probably wouldn’t be on the path that I am currently on. Aside from flying, I want to continue sharing my story through my blog in hopes of inspiring other females to pursue their dreams.

J. Elliot Marketing is proud to have Julia as the third recipient of the Christine Reed Memorial Flight Scholarship and looks forward to offering this scholarship annually. By helping others reach their dreams, J. Elliot Marketing keeps Christine’s spirit alive. Perhaps this minor step serves to inspire others to think of ways they can share their passions with the world and find ways to pay it forward.